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About Sage

Sage Holloway is an intuitive tarot reader, writer, published author, teacher, vibrational medicine practitioner and sound healer who inspires, teaches and transforms others through her keen intuitive skills, uplifting perspective and sense of humor. Through her art of intuitive tarot reading with her new tarot deck The Mythical Goddess Tarot, Sage has her hand and heart on the pulse of the world in effective and unique ways. Her keen perception assists her in navigating her world and assisting others as well. She is available for readings in person (Northern Colorado) online, and by phone. Sage brings her intuitive expertise to the realms of vibrational healing for people and animals, accurately diagnosing and treating health imbalance on all levels. It is her fundamental understanding that all people are intuitive in nature. She teaches classes to assist others in accessing and trusting their inherent intuition, no matter how hidden or unexplored. Additionally, Sage is available for animal consultations and vibrational medicine treatment. Sage has her hand and heart on the pulse of the world in effective and unique ways. Women and men are experiencing subtle and monumental changes in their lives that are more interwoven and connected than most people realize. Through this oneness and commonality, each individual has the opportunity to heal others through healing their worlds and vice versa. Sage brings her intuitive expertise for healing, integration and ascension during these intense and challenging times on Earth.

Many Things to Many People

Sage Holloway has been so many things to so many people. Intuitive, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Student, Artist, Musician, Writer, Dreamer. She loved to laugh and joke and never took herself too seriously, even as her time on earth came to an … Continue reading

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